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CLOSED! FULL ROUND! go to 400in20letters for future rounds

i had a great idea the other day about a mail project that i really want to do with people on LJ. since i'm not really here on LJ, i only use it for communities lately because my two communities are really new and active, this helps me get to know and keep in touch with my friends, as well as meet other people... and the same goes for you, if you want to get involved.

so here it is. i don't know if it will work, but i'm good at organizing things. it's called 20 letters - 400 facts and there's way more information under the cut.

what is it?
the idea is that you are matched with a partner. you and your partner write back and forth to each other with letters that contain nothing more than 20 facts. for example, person A sends person B the first letter with 20 facts. person B receives it, reads it and replies to person A back with 20 facts. you continue this until you have completed 20 letters, so each of you has 400 facts about your partner. then you can decide to be penpals and carry it on, or not. it's up to you.

what do we write?
20 facts. do not write a letter, written prose, 'hi my name is, and i like this and that and i study...' like a normal letter. just 20 facts. even when you are replying to your partner back with 20 facts, do not reply to any of their facts. save this for later. you can use bullet points or whatever, the layout is up to you, have fun with it.

when we are done and have 20 letters each, what could we do?
a good idea is that you carry on, and reply talking about the 200 facts. for example, person A sends person B the last letter with the last 20 facts, reaching theirs to 200 facts. person B receives it, writes 20 final facts back and also writes a letter talking about person A's 400 facts. person A receives it, replies to what person B said and their facts and talks about person A's facts... or whatever you want.

the idea is that after 20 letters back and forward and 200 facts, you will know pretty much about someone. after you have finished the facts, you may have tons of questions and the idea is that you will be really excited to finally talk to that person and discuss the facts, what you have in common or whatever else. a fun way of getting to know someone before you start writing real letters, or just a fun project.

i want to get involved, so what do i do now?
reply here and use the form below. i have filled it out for an example. the sign-ups will close when there are 20 participants signed up and then i will allocate you your partners and their addresses. i will do this randomly and based on what you require.
if you're on my friends list and you want to do this with me and not someone else who replies put that in the form. because otherwise, everyone will be randomly allocated a partner (better for the people who are coming from penpals and such communities.) also if you're from my friends list we don't have to wait until there's 20 participants because we can just start straight away.

when you are allocated a partner (by email), i will announce them here too. comment on THIS post when you receive the first letter. and keep doing that, and i'll update it here so you know which round you are on. (there are obviously 20 rounds each, 20 letters)

if you do not think you can carry on with this and dedicate, do not sign up. it's not really fair if you send your partner 4 fact letters and then don't reply and leave your partner hanging. obviously there is NO time limit on how fast or slow you complete this but something like a 2 or 6 month gap isn't really polite.

**** FORM ****
age & gender & country you live in:
email address & LJ name:
are you from my friends list or community?:
how many partners could you keep with? be realistic, please, remember there are 20 letters you have to send in total:
anywhere in the world or specific place? (this may stop you from being allocated a partner, but i will try and match you if you need to do this):
do you have any age, gender, sex or other limitations you are looking for in a partner, or is it open?:

yay! <33

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