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don't worry, be happy!
my journal is friends only. please read my profile before commenting here to be added, and then read my full about me behind the cut. i want you to know a little bit about me before you add me. ♥♥ Collapse )

please read everyone!

PLEASE READ AND COMMENT IF YOU CAN SEE THIS! i have been away from livejournal for a year, and i have decided to come back and i want to start writing a diary again. i am therefore doing a huge friends cut. if you can see this and your name is on the list below, or if it is not but you can see this and want to be friends, please let me know. i have removed everyone from my friends list so it is easiest to filter it this way.

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a few icons from icon contest communities, examples and others. all disney :) i've been playing around with masks and removed backgrounds a lot lately so tell me what you think :) check out my last disney icon post here and here. and don't forget to visit disneytheme :)


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huge friends cut

so i went from 100ish friends to 39. if you can see this but you can't see any of my locked entries it means you were removed from my friends list. if you were, but you want to be added again just comment. i don't have time to go through them vigorously and see who i may have commented before or who is active and who isn't. i just wanted to do it simply.

for those of you who commented and wanted to stay... it really made me smile. sometimes i find it really difficult to stay in touch on livejournal because i get really busy, but you have all motivated me and i think we should be friends :) and try and be friends, rather just commenting maybe on some entries in our LJ. in my next locked post i will ask a few questions i want everyone to answer :)

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CLOSED! FULL ROUND! go to 400in20letters for future rounds

i had a great idea the other day about a mail project that i really want to do with people on LJ. since i'm not really here on LJ, i only use it for communities lately because my two communities are really new and active, this helps me get to know and keep in touch with my friends, as well as meet other people... and the same goes for you, if you want to get involved.

so here it is. i don't know if it will work, but i'm good at organizing things. it's called 20 letters - 400 facts and there's way more information under the cut.
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64 icons

friends: ignore this if you want :) i will continue updating locked posts!
please do not spam here, or ask to be friends. if you do, you will be banned.

i used to make icons a few years ago, but then gave up. please help me by voting in this poll if you think i should start making them again:
Poll #1507678 should i make icons again?

should i make icons again?


i only want to make icons people like. please request, the form is under the cut with the 64 icons.
64 icons under the cut including:
kittens, dogs, fish
stock, nature, landscapes
50 first dates
40 year old virgin
celebrities (paris hilton, sex & the city cast, christina aguilera, britney spears)
greys anatomy
alice in wonderland
pans labyrinth

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after my morning class i got back, had dinner and then headed down to the allotment with julie.
we have an allotment on campus, it has gardens and a scarcrow and a shed. :)
we did some wood filing and chopping to make signs for the gardens and i painted them.

still worrying about what to wear on wednesday.

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i've got an interview on wednesday evening. i got an email saying to phone them up to arrange an interview, then they sent me another email. it says "please come along to our presentation'. what is a presentation at an interview?????????? is it like a 1-to-1 interview? what do i wear to a presentation?? :/ eeeek! help.